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 Hola Busy Bees

TheBuzzNuzz - who are we?

Born and bred in the heart of Africa, we came from hand me downs, needles and stitches at the time running a business is not something we thought we would do.

Thebuzznuzz began on the 16th of June 2015, in a small room, in Scotland - Glasgow. Initially, we started out on eBay not knowing where this would one day lead, but it was then that our lives turned 360.

Coming up with the name was easy for us, our aunt always used to refer to people and things that were outstanding as "The Buzznuzz" meaning "The Business"

"Be The Business" - refers to someone who stands out and is unique.

That's when we knew that "Thebuzznuzz" was the perfect name! We are all about standing out, being your own, being different and most importantly, being you!

We love the opportunity that eBay gave us but, we wanted to be our own and create something new and unique. Working full time jobs and gaining 374 customers may be a small figure but that was a big achievement for us at the time as we overcame challenges and obstacles along the way.

We wanted to create our own brand and style and bring the Asian persuasion to the nation. That is when we came up with our slogan "Be Your Own"  for this website.

Starting our own site was the hardest challenge ever! we fought, struggled and had a lot of disappointments but, each time we got knocked down, we got back up! We as "new-bees" on the block still have a long way to go but, we will do our best to give you the best customer service and shopping experience.

Keep Buzzing..


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